5th Annual Bead Peeps Swap N Hop...It's Reveal Time!

Welcome Peeps! It's time for the 5th annual Swap N Hop reveals. Anyone who knows me, knows this is one of my favorite swap/design challenges to participate in. This year has been a bit more challenging for me with several obstacles thrown in my way and a hectic family life but I did manage to complete 4 designs...most done yesterday...nothing like 11th hour inspiration! Now let's get to the fun. 
My partner this year was Sarah Reid of Sarah Reid Designs. Sarah is from Canada and creates beautiful jewelry, including some fantastic mix-media designs. 
All the delicious goodies Sarah sent me to play with. Inspired by the Northern Lights, she even included one of her special hand painted charms in the mix. 
It also included a selection of coordinated gemstones and crystals perfectly representing the sparkle of the sky. 
I absolutely love these elephant charms! When I first opened the package I knew they had to be combined with the rings...I tried them with several bead combinations but kept coming back to the mismatched howlite combination. I decided to add some half coated metallic crystals from my stash for a touch of sparkle.
I've been working on my photos, especially with the white background. I decided to try the swap photos with a new set up and I think I may be on to something good here! Photos have been such a frustration lately, it's really nice to finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with it. 
These little leaf looking silver beads seemed perfect for earrings and crystals added the perfect colorful sparkle!
I kept picking up this flower bead, setting it out on the bead mat with some of the crystals and gemstones but I couldn't quite find the right combination until yesterday. The crystals and filigree bead are from my stash. I created the tassel pendant and put it on a simple chain. It's really sparkly, yet simple design is perfect!
One more photo to show another side of the bead. It has really lovely flowers and leaves all the way around. 
My last piece is a bracelet using the gorgeous charm Sarah hand painted. A touch of coordinated gemstones, pearls and crystals from the swap goodies completes this gorgeous, yet simple piece! 
Thank you Sarah! I loved my bead package with it's inspiring and beautiful colors and goodies! A huge thank you to our hostess, Linda Anderson! She does a wonderful job bringing us all together for this annual event. I hope you'll take some time to visit the other participants listed below and check out what they created!
Hope Smitherman http://CraftyHope.com
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  • Love everything you made.. some of my favorite colours..Love the elephant earrings.. Thanks for all your hard work in making the blog come true !

  • Gorgeous designs. Making a tassel for the bead is especially clever. I love tassel jewelry but rarely remember to make any. It really is a perfect showcase for that bead.

    Tammy Adams
  • Firstly I’d like to thank you for all your hard work helping out on Bead Peeps and on the swap. You’re a star!
    I’m with you on those elephant charms. They are divine. LOVE what you did with them. Perfect earrings. Oh and the delicate sparkle of the second pair! Phwoar!

    Penny Jane
  • Lovely work! I am very inspired by the tassel you made! Perfect idea and match for that focal bead!

    Terri Del Signore
  • So pretty. Love the colors and elephants are my fav. Really like the tassel necklace.


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