It's Tacky Holiday Earrings Reveal Time!

I know after my last post you were all waiting with baited breath...but wait no longer it's reveal time! So once again the lovely Diana Ptaszynski has enticed us with a design challenge and blog hop...our mission for those of us that accepted...create a pair of tacky holiday earrings to go with that ugly Christmas sweater we are all supposed to own. First challenge...this bah humbug girl doesn't own a Christmas sweater, ugly or otherwise...BUT...I was gifted a delightful t-shirt reminiscent of a favorite movie. Extra points for a picture of us wearing said clothing and earrings together but let's be real...I'm writing this post in the final pre-deadline hours so you'll just have to use your imagination! 

Second challenge...tacky!?! This was a tough one for me because I tend to be very picky about the beads I buy and I do LOVE my artisan delights...which don't really tend to be tacky. So I had to dig a little to find the large green, crushed glass? coated beads...they came in a mix of other beads I really love but these...honestly thought I'd never, ever use them...surprise on me! The rest are just over sparkly, excessive glitter glass beads...tacky to me when all used together. They are fairly long because really shouldn't holiday earrings have blinding sparkle and movement...I'm sure it's a requirement somewhere...or maybe I just made that up...

and my lovely photography helper, Vivian, was more than a bit reluctant to model them...she tries to keep it classy but agreed to model as long as I didn't make her wear the shirt too! 

and that's it for me this time around but I will be back with more design challenges and blog hops after the first of the year so I hope you'll check back to see what's new! In the meantime please take a few minutes to hop around to these lovely ladies listed below and check out their tacky creations! Thank you Diana! I always love the fun hop ideas you come up with and this one gave me the kick I needed to get the blog going on my new website so extra YAY! ~Kari

Kari Asbury  (you are here)


  • OMG that shirt, LOL! I love the sparkly, dangly, long earring combo with that shirt!

    Diana P
  • Have fun sporting your sparkly creations with the hilarious t-shirt! Loving all things glittery after this hop!

  • I would say that these do give a classier edge to the tacky! Anything that is sparkly and long is perfect. Merry Christmas to you!
    Enjoy the day. Erin

    Erin L Prais-Hintz
  • Love the t-shirt idea vs, the sweater!! lol The earrings are great and I love the green! I too was editing my blog in the wee hours this morning!

    Loralee Kolton
  • Yes, Kari, tacky earrings should be long and swingy and blingy! Great idea! Love them!

    Susan Kennedy

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