Faceted Drop Textured Sterling Silver Circle Leather Necklace

Kari Asbury Jewelry

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A vibrant reflection of tropical waters in a simple and timeless design, with it's adjustable sizing this necklace is a perfect fit for any wardrobe!

As worn by actress, Stephanie Drapeau via The Artisan Group. As gifted to the stylist of Netflix Fuller House via The Artisan Group.

All the details:

  • caribbean green hydro quartz faceted drop
  • sterling silver
  • 14k rose gold filled wrapping
  • leather
  • adjustable 17-36 inches, slide bead closure
  • FREE US shipping - First Class w/tracking
  • arrives gift boxed and ready for giving


Note: Each pendant will be slightly different and no two necklaces will be 100% exactly alike, as they are formed and wrapped by hand.

A bit about hydro quartz...

The production of hydrothermal quartz (“hydro” quartz for short) through hydrothermic synthesis is a process with roots in the World War II efforts. According to, “quartz crystals were necessary for production of radio and other electronics during the war. [At the time] only high-quality crystals from Brazil were [used] for the high tech production. And since the routes to the Brazilian fields were blocked to German scientists, it was the Germans who perfected the process during the war, [with manmade quartz stones soon taking the] place of the unavailable natural stones.”

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