Pearl and Gemstone Leather Jewelry Set with Gold Accents

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Pearl and Gemstone Leather Jewelry Set with Gold Accents

This jewelry set is more than a collection of pearls and gemstones. It is a gorgeous reminder that you are stronger than you realize and that your jewelry can make that statement for you. This jewelry set features a combination of brown leather, peach pearls, gold brass accents, and facet cut carnelian gemstones to offer you a rich, warm tone piece to put a little more pep in your step and happiness in your heart. Carnelian stones have long been prized as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage. When paired together with the pink pearls, which are said to enhance calmness and to promote faith, loyalty, truth, and purity, the result is a powerful statement necklace, bracelet, and set of matching earrings.

When you purchase this freshwater pearl jewelry set, you’ll enjoy the following three pieces:

Pearl Necklace:  18 inches + 3-inch extender (adjustable up to 21 inches with lobster clasp)

Pearl Bracelet:  7.25 inches + 3-inch extender (adjustable up to 10.25 inches with lobster clasp)

Pearl Earrings:  3.5 inches from top of ear wire to bottom of lowest hoop

Each of these pearl and leather jewelry pieces will be handmade to order which means there may be slight variations in your pieces when compared to the sample photographs above. No two pieces will be identical as each gemstone is hand cut, the pearls all feature various natural formations, and the leather is knotted by hand to offer you the most unique leather jewelry set around!  Your carnelian jewelry set will be sent to your home with a complimentary organza bag making it an instant gift. Whether you are gifting it to someone else or you are treating yourself is entirely up to you!